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Currently contains a nifty .zshrc, vimrc, and some plugins:

In addition, I wrote my own plugin for using Vim as a MANPAGER: vim-manpager.

Old plugins:

Setting up usually goes:

  1. Clone to a folder, say ~/home (recursively, so that the zsh plugin is pulled in)
  2. Copy files from there: cp ~/home/. ~/ -ar

Once done:

vim -c PlugUpdate

And optionally:

vim -c PlugUpgrade

The .vim used to be in a separate repo, then I merged it into home.

Some scripts

These and more can be found on my scripts repo. github


A CV template in LaTeX (modified from one obtained online, original included): gitlab

A Cann Table

Pts Clubs (GD)
6 Leicester (5) Everton (4) Arsenal (4) Liverpool (3) Crystal Palace (3)
3 Tottenham (2) Wolves (2) Brighton (1) Leeds (0) Chelsea (0) Newcastle (-1)
0 Aston Villa (0) Man City (0) Burnley (-2) Man Utd (-2) Sheff Utd (-2) West Ham (-3) Fulham (-4) Southampton (-4) West Brom (-6)
Generated on Monday, 21 September 2020 at 10:04 JST.

I have followed the banding used by @7amkickoff. This table was updated weekly via a cronjob. The data is scraped from the PL site without any permission. Hopefully this will count as personal use. :)